Try Something New in 2015 – Brewin’ USA on Prefundia

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Adam Rehberg
I decided that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was going to be to consistently look for new things to try.  I’ve never been an Early Adopter, but envious of people that are on the cutting edge of things.  In the crowd funding space, Kickstarter is quickly becoming the place for publishing for indie’s and established companies alike.  However, there is an interesting market need for people that do not yet have an audience called Prefundia.
Prefundia:  Pre-Crowd Funding website used to gain some exposure and collect email addresses for Crowd Funding launch news.Prefundia
This is essentially a place where people can create a pseudo project page with the sole purpose of collecting email addresses.  The site still seems to be in its infancy compared to Kickstarter and there are not a lot of success stories published, but I figured it couldn’t to see what the site has to offer for new projects like Brewin’ USA.

Some Size Perspective:
Kickstarter webpage ranking: #216 US, #410 Global
Prefundia webpage ranking:  #48k+, #125k+

Brewin’ USA is live on Prefundia so feel free to check the page out and leave comments below if you are interested or have any questions about Prefundia.

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