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Adam Rehberg
I’m super excited to announce that Brewin’ USA will be making its way to the Tabletop Simulator in an effort to share the game with a bigger audience and continue to get valued feedback.   Brewin’ USA is a board game about becoming the best Craft Beer brewery in the nation.  I want to get this game published and share this dream and experience with others, and this is one way I am looking to get the word out.

What was that you said, “Tabletop Seeyalater?”

 Tabletop Simulator is a video game on the Steam platform that lets players engage in tabletop board games.  Players can strike up a game of checkers, chess, or even download mods for popular tabletop board games out in the industry.

The Beginning of Thirsty Thursday’s with Brewin’ USA

I have been busy loading assets into the steam game and creating a community workshop mod, and I am ready to playtest Brewin’ USA on Steam!  Without further delay, the first playtest will be televised on Thursday January 8th at 8:00pm central.

Hey this sounds neat, can I play?

Sure thing, but I want to test things out before we bring a live session on with people new to both Brewin’ USA and Tabletop Simulator.  We will be playing with close friends this Thursday and streaming via Twitch TV  just to make sure everything works and then in future weeks opening up these sessions and possibly the entire Brewin’ USA Mod open to the Tabletop Simulator community.  Help me get the word out with Likes, Shares, and Followers and this will help open up the game as a Mod for anybody to play.
Goal Prize
100 Facebook Likes 
Free Tabletop Simulator Steam Key Gifted to one Facebook Page Member
 200 Twitter Followers  Free Tabletop Simulator Steam Key Gifted to one Twitter Follower
20 Twitch Followers  Free Tabletop Simulator Steam Key Gifted to one Twitch Follower
50 Twitch Followers Brewin’ USA Mod Released to Tabletop Simulator Community

Where can you find it this Thursday at 8:00pm central?

 Twitch Live Stream can also be seen here.

Watch live video from adamsapplegames on

This was neat!  Can I sign up for a game in the future?

That’s great to hear!  I’m still figuring out something to get a sign up list going and will have an answer to this question soon.

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